Lawrence Schiller

Lawrence Schiller has had five collaborations with Norman Mailer (Marilyn, The Faith of Graffiti, Oswald's Tale, Into the Mirror, and The Executioner's Song - for which Mailer received the Pulitzer Prize), one with Wilfred Sheed (Ali), one with Albert Goldman (Ladies and Gentlemen, Lenny Bruce), books on Minamata, by W. Eugene Smith, and Schiller's own works, the New York Times number one best-seller American Tragedy, Perfect Murder, Perfect Town and Cape May Court House. Schiller also produced and/or directed sixteen television and feature films and miniseries - the films winning six Emmys and one Academy Award.

His photographs have appeared in Playboy, Life, Time, Paris Match, The Saturday Evening Post, Sports Illustrated, New West and numerous other magazines and newspapers.