Jason Lauré

Jason Lauré is an American photojournalist who divides his time between Cape Town and New York City.

After living in South Africa for ten years, he published a memoir of his thirty years as a photographer in Africa called Africatrek: A Photographer's Odyssey through Africa. During that time he photographed and observed the dramatic changes taking place in South Africa. He traveled throughout the country, from diamond mines on the west coast to Durban on the east coast and along the southern coast. He has seen the positive changes that have taken place since the end of apartheid as well as the problems that have become even more serious. His first visit to South Africa was in 1977, a year after the Soweto uprising.

He is the co-author of thirty-two books on countries around the world. He says, – "I believe you can bring a country to life by seeing it through the eyes of one individual. Every part of my working life has involved some kind of journey." During his career, he has photographed in forty African countries as well as in Bangladesh, Portugal, Uruguay and Argentina. In the United States, he is well known for photographing the Woodstock Festival.